on goes as such....where u are today right the direct effect of all the decisions u have made...
when it get rough on ya and u need to vent. we got i hate my man poems..she cheated poems fuck u poems. im a kill myself poems....and just down right depressive if u feel need to make a note and depress people who are having a great day....or people who could care less...come share with us...we are all fucked up in writteninpain's pen's in pain....stop by u'll be glad u did.
Don't bother because the second you think you know the answer I am going to change the damn question
Don't bark up a tree, that tree will fall on you
we create instant insanity on paper...making logic from the illogical is what we do...for the normals are ill-equipped for this task...for we are poets. may we forever write.....
i break bread with the undead....ghost speak to me at the witching hour...i fear death is only a step toward spiritual completion...not a end...but a revolution
In the world of darkness poetry is the light