i woke up b4 the sun

headed for the block

if im a get the ones gotta punch in before the cops

i slept 3 hrs a day for that i got props

had to stay focused any second it could pop

any minute someone may wanna test ya knuckles

run up on u with a blade wanna cut you

u got rivals on every corner wanna crush u

stick up kids waiting for mistakes ready to fuck u

u wanna expand u aint got the muscle

baby on the way

no fam to love u

try hard to believe its a god above u

when u cant see the path

and where u are is all u have

when ur life is a problem

and u cant do the math

cept u can pay ur rent

if u flip this half

so u split this dutch

and u tip this bag

steam it way

dream better days

don't forget to serve them fiends these trays

narc's on rooftops 

they taking pictures

informants is buying product

paying off snitches

this is no road to the riches

its a trap for the lost and ambitious 

me i was babyfaced

so when it all started to cave

i was unscathed 

but my boys

shoved in cells

shoved in graves

brothers knocked and locked

in critical numbers

sentenced to biblical numbers

so right now

i reminisce on the dice game

how we kept it rolling till the fights came

or the vice came

how we use to slap box

sharing chicken out the box

we would argue on the block

bout who the greatest mc...nas biggie or pac

life long friends 

they gone for life

those were my brothers

we lived by it 

swore by it

died by it


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