My skin consist of..

Cement, concrete and steel

Lost within the shadows..

Of living breathing monuments 

Like scared ground i'm bound to it

Them bricks, them streets

Is like my heartbeat

See my soul was born between the 5th floor and pebble beach...

Thats project talk for roof tops

Same place we made cherries pop

Hitting Cops with Rocks

as they watched my idols flip rocks for cash knots

Last night they shot Roc

Chased chino out is socks

Same rooftop

Now we letting off glocks

Keeping pigeons by the flocks

My flow was provoked by the fact we was broke

All we had was emcee dreams and ganja smoke

Plotting for breadman

Flowing over Redman

We tipped ashes in beer bottles

Them dudes u was afraid to walk pass was our role models


Im not from NY

NY is in me

Im from the BRONX

Putting flows to beats was born here

Battle bars birth place, in the first place

Virtues i hold close to me


A man is defined by his words

If u not loud u wont be heard

Iron train gallops over head

Another neighbor's son is dead

Over bread

I'm from unsubtle rebutles

Turn gun scuffle

Block party one shot..

Feet shuffle

Home now avoiding piss puddles

This aint a struggle 

Its the everyday hustle

Try to evade the strays and ricochets 

My corner was full of dudes looking to get paid a quicker way


We from 

Playing tag

To tagging up

packing bags to bagging up

Acting bad to acting up

Night time play in the pool

Now its night time we playing pool

Rack'em up

One of us caught beef we all had to back 'em up

Street Boppers

Beat Boxers

Slap Boxers

My mind runs along KRS-1

See how the bridge was over before it begun

We lable the borough home of the champions


The Bronx birth lyrical minds

Rooted pride in all our lines

The lyrical capital

We built by design

Bronx finest

Bronx bravest

Bronx ledgend


We went from burnt out

To Boogie Down

Timbo's Hoodied down

Before Blood's and Crypts came along

It was Spades, Latin Kings and Decepticons 

Find the X on the map

Thats where the verbal treasures at

Where rhyme flow is measured at

Its just what we better at

Gun fights at Midnight

By morning mural in the lobby

Beer's and candles

His moms trippin to much to handle

Both her son's were killed to set an example

They were bronx legends 

Babe Ruth..Mickey Mantle

Just because of how they played the game...

Now they gone price of fame

R.I.P besides they name

Moment of silence....

Big Tiny



Martin Santiago

Nelson Blanco

Mike Moore

Mike was 14 when they put two in his chest

He was only dating a spanish girl

Her brothers kept warning him...


To many of my tears watered Woodlawn cemetary

Miles Davis is there

I would write poems on his tomb when ever i was feeling Kind of Blue

They took Scott La Rock before Criminal Minded dropped

This is for Tariq and Peter Guns

This is for 

Morris Houses 


Mott Haven

The Bronx is home 

Kiss the pavement

but...UR NOT FEELING ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i wrote this while listening to a Eryk Moore track....the show we was doing that week was about where u it hit me....i get home sick a writing this was just just took me there.