some bow knees not knowing who they pray to

a father with a mass of children that don't obey u

so they chant down the devil in lucifers tongue 

they toss stones in glass houses when they live in one

they pray for forgiveness

but wont give u none

Egyptians prayed to the sun...

in return built a great civilization

so why god wont give US one

thats right

suffer in this life

walk the path of the nazerite 

i wonder

how many bible thumpers

even read numbers

only place  it teaches

how to be holy wholly 

never hear this from the preachers 

they just want u to hear the jesus piece

be meek..turn the other cheek

isn't THIS the nation indivisible under god

then why do god's people get it so hard...

oh yeah ..we blame that on the devil

the fork tongue liar

who spews the same lies as the priest and the choir

with they pedophiliac desires

oh they demons to

but don't they kneel to the same god as you?

im confused

but u'll quote psalms for a excuse

hey wait ...

how did us and jesus get introduced?

oh people died...

dragged..hog tied

death and toucher to all who denied

books were burned

i would go further but ur not concered

u gonna say i got the devil in me


let me thank the slave master now

for erasing my spirit

and giving me a new one

better than the sun

one who watches babies get stomped

and men get hung

one who watched a nation be ruled by his enemies

this goes on for centuries

i kno ...

wait...the kingdom is coming

the heathen shall scatter

wicked start running

all this suffering... this god is perfect

and the 500 years of oppression makes it all worth it

babies in africa starving 

i guess they deserve it

so...i guess we can keep blaming the devil

who ever that is

since he always busy...

and it seems god never is.....