My pen swings sways like a pendulum 

never boxed in

no box to box it in

margins dont lock me in

i write the moods life got me in

dont kno much about joy

or what i enjoy

so at times i go deep in

i script from the deep end

terrors i keep in

i just allow u a peep in

at times i scribble love

but its mostly wishing

so i loose myself in love

altered dispositions

see i lost my self to love

altered decisions

i etch  the miseries 

of histories mystories

homage to the ancestors that live with me

born to be heard

its in my delivery

i can feel garvey..malcolm literally spit with me

then there's erotic...


i describe the taste of

forbidden exchanges between strangers

locked in sex chambers

i can depict mouth tricks

and long sticks

balls u wanna juggle wit

curl up snuggle with

i wanna plant seeds of motivation

that grow into actions

so as u watch  life

my words are only captions

preach womanhood to our daughters

teach our sons the universal orders

i hope u can feel the expressions in my penmanship

just remember im an artist

sensitive about his shit.....